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100% Non Chemical​  100% Non Flammable  100% Non Hazardous



BunkerMax™ is a simple additive for bunker fuel and is derived from natural plant extract and vegetable esthers, making it fully sustainable, biodegradable and chemical free, which is so advanced that a simple mix with HSFO will meet the 2015 and 2020 sulphur caps of 0.1% and 0.5% respectively. 


BunkerMax™ deals with the efficiency element and the sulphur element and is a unique one of a kind 12 in 1 multipurpose additive which is way ahead of any of the competition and is the most cost effective solution for the MARPOL International Marine Organization global sulphur cap which came into effect in 2020. There is no other additive that can compete with BunkerMax™ due to its Proprietary Advanced Molecular Spacing Technology™ which will reduce the sulphur to the required 0.5% global cap ratio with a simple on the spot mix without any equipment change or refinery process.

BunkerMax™ will:


Increase the gross calorific value of bunker fuel by up to 30% 


Improve efficiency by up to 20% 

Reduce sulphur by up to 70% 

Reduce vanadium by up to 50% 

Reduce emissions by up to 60% and 

Is derived from natural plant extracts and vegetable esthers, making it fully sustainable, biodegradable and ground breaking 

Over 12 benefits with single application

Heavy Fuel Oil is made from long hydrocarbon chains and is usually obtained from petroleum distillation. It could be in the form of a distillate or a residue. 

​Heavy Fuel Oil has a high viscosity residual and preheating is required. It is the most common form of marine fuel (also known as bunker fuel) as well as for furnace application.                  ​

Generally, heavy fuel oil contains heavy metals such as vanadium, sodium, potassium and lead which have corrosive effects.The global demand for cleaner fuel and the environmental legislation are contributory factors that require ship owners and power plant operators to reduce emissions and to move towards the usage of cleaner low sulphur fuels. 

​People talk about the 'bottom of the barrel', but bunker fuel literally is just that. Thick, viscous and cheap, it’s the dregs of the oil refining process. To the uninitiated, it resembles a sort of runny tar, but it will burn and large, slow-speed diesel engines can manage it. Because of its price, bunker fuel has been standard for large marine engines since the 1950's and is commonly used in freighters, cruise ships, tankers and other large ships. The problem is that bunker fuel is very dirty. There’s too much sulphur in it and it’s often contaminated with all manner of elements. Air pollution is of particular concern when such ships steam close to shore and enter urban harbours and in recent years, a lot of pressure has come to bear on passing laws to reduce emissions.

In line with these requirements, we have formulated a new generation of biodegradable additives specifically for the heavy fuel oil and residual oil application. 

BunkerMax™ has impressive results when used in bunker or marine fuel and is mixed at a 0.3% - 0.9% ratio per metric tonne depending on clients requirements.

​Benefits of using BunkerMax™ additive:​

1. BunkerMax™ is capable of breaking down the clusters of hard to burn fuel molecules resulting in better combustion and increase of gross calorific value of the fuel by up to 30%. The improved combustion will then convert more of the unburnt fuel into energy which will result in better fuel consumption. 

2. BunkerMax™ in furnace application, optimum boiler performance will be achieved resulting in low levels of excess air and cleaner emissions and lower maintenance costs. The reduction of carbon deposits will also lead to improve thermal efficiency of heat exchangers.​

​3. BunkerMax™ reduces viscosity of heavy fuel oil and thus allowing greater ability to flow which will result in clean burning and improved combustion.

4. BunkerMax™ is able to reduce sludge deposits. It is an organic, non-petroleum sludge dispersant that can and will reduce and minimize sludge precipitation especially in heavy marine fuels.

5. BunkerMax™ improves fuel atomization and reduces fuel injector fouling usually caused by difficult and unstable flame condition. Combustion is now optimized and emission minimized.​

6. BunkerMax™ will contribute to fuel pump lubrication by giving a thin protective layer which would prevent corrosion in the overall fuel delivery system.​

7. BunkerMax™ additive has an extremely low and negligible ash & sulphur content with the added advantages of a high flash point of over 200 ̊C as well as a low pour point of -15 ̊C. It is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-chemical and safe to handle.​

8. BunkerMax™ additive will conservatively increase fuel efficiency by up to 10-20% or more.

9. BunkerMax™ will reduce sulphur by up to 70% or more.

10. BunkerMax™ will reduce vanadium by up to 50%.

11. BunkerMax™ will increase gross calorific value by up to 30%.

12. BunkerMax™ will reduce emissions by up to 60%.

13. Over 12 benefits with single application.

*BunkerMax™ can be tweaked to target specific elements of the fuel/oil where a client demands, and further improvements/reductions can be made in those areas.

Appearance:                  Light Yellow
Boiling Point:                  Over 320°C at 760mm HG Pressure
Vapour Pressure:         Less than 1mm HG at 72°C
Specific Gravity:           0.9091 at 15°C
Solubility in water:      Negligible at room temperature
Flash Point:                      > 230°C
Pour Point:                       Minus 30°C
Flammability:               Non Flammable
pH Value:                         7

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