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  100% Non Chemical​  100% Non Flammable  100% Non Hazardous



EngMax™ is an innovative biotechnological formulation developed for use with all types of Engine Oils. 


EngMax™ is derived from natural vegetable & plant extracts which are non-pollutant, non-petrochemical and fully biodegradable.


EngMax™ is specially formulated to reduce engine friction and provide lubricity to the engine and reduces noise and drag.



  • Improves Engine Lubricity

  • Improves Engine Performance

  • Increases Engine Lifespan

  • Improves Engine Oil Viscosity

  • Better Fuel Efficiency

  • Reduces Friction & Engine Temperature

  • Smoother & Quieter Engine

  • Environmentally Friendly Element

  • Will help reduce sulphur content

  • It is ready to be blended with the filtered recycled engine oil

  • No further heating or filtration process needed

  • Can be used in petrol and diesel engines

  • Can be used with new or used oil

Blending Ratio:

10 litres EngMax™ to 2,000 litres of Engine Oil

Appearance:                  Light Clear Green
Boiling Point:                  Over 320°C at 760mm HG Pressure
Vapour Pressure:        Less than 1mm HG at 72°C
Specific Gravity:          0.9091 at 15°C
Solubility in water:     Negligible at room temperature
Flash Point:                      > 230°C
Pour Point:                       Minus 30°C
Flammability:                Non Flammable
pH Value:                          7

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