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 100% Non Chemical​  100% Non Flammable  100% Non Hazardous



FuelMax™ is a state of the art multi purpose non chemical bio additive product made from non-edible vegetable esthers and is a unique fuel additive that works with petrol, diesel, light fuel oil and heavy fuel oil. Ideal for automotive, industrial, marine, transportation and power station industries.


FuelMax™ additive will:


Increase the gross calorific value of fuel by up to 20%


Save fuel costs by improved efficiency by up to 25% or more


Reduce sulphur by up to 50%


Reduce emissions by up to 75% at source


Improve viscosity by up to 20%


Improve octane by 2 numbers or more in petrol


Improve cetane by 2 numbers or more in diesel


Increase flash point by up to 25%


Reduce pour point


Reduce ash by up to 90%


Reduce fatty acid by up to 70% among other benefits and


Is derived from natural plant extracts and vegetable esthers making it fully sustainable, biodegradable and ground breaking


Over 17 benefits with single application

FuelMax™ is the first organic based still liquid biofuel additive that can stay liquid at -30°C and can be dissolved in water compared with other products. Fully sustainable and biodegradable.


We at GFF Canada are active in the second and third generation of biofuel categories which are referred to as 'advanced'. Advanced biofuels play an important role in diversifying the world's energy supplies and curbing greenhouse gas emissions. ​


FuelMax™ is a cutting edge clean technology product that is made from renewable and sustainable plant source. FuelMax™ is a 17 in 1 multipurpose additive.​


FuelMax™ will give fuel savings, cleaner combustion, emission reductions, engine protection, more power, octane boost, cetane boost, cold weather start, enhanced viscosity, lower maintenance costs and smoother operation, without any changing of parts. It is now possible to push the performance of ultra low sulphur fuels to new advanced levels of engine optimization.


Our unique invention gives the engine stability by preventing the fuel to get unplugged and thus keeping injector points cleaner and keeping its maintenance costs lower. ​


Suitable for cars, motorcycles, buses, vans, boats, ships, vessels, boilers, burners, generator sets, trucks, cranes, forklifts and all combustion engine applications.


What will our FuelMax™ do? 


1.  Will give fuel saving up to 25% or more
2.  Will help use less fuel consumption
3.  Will give more mileage
4.  Will provide more power for vehicles
5.  Will reduce CO² emissions by up to 90% at source
6.  Will increase gross calorific value of fuel by up to 20%
7.  Will clean the engine
8.  Will increase cetane by up to 2 points 
9.  Will increase octane by up to 2 points 

10. Will enhance pour point
11.  Will enhance flash point by up to 25%
12. Will improve viscosity by up to 20%
13. Will stay liquid at -30°C
14. Will prolong engine life
15. Will reduce sulphur by up to 50%
16. Will reduce ash by up to 90%
17. Will reduce acid by up to 70%
18. Is 100% non-hazardous
19. Is 100% non-flammable
20. Is 100% chemical free
21. Is made from vegetable extract
22. Is fully sustainable and biodegradable
23. Is ideal for Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Transportation and Power Station Industries
24. No equipment or parts change required
25. Acts as a natural biodegradable agent of Molecule Spacing
26. 17 benefits with single application


FuelMax™ instantly breaks up the clusters of hydrogen & fuel molecules into reformulated atom molecules, thereby creating more power and efficiency. As a result, water vapour which dampens the combustion chambers are also dissolved and emulsified and discharged from the exhaust. To maximize the full benefits of our products and achieve optimum performance, an additive must be designed to deal with the specific characteristics present in a customer's fuel blend.


The key is to use the right dosage ratio.


Recommended Dosage:


1 litre of FuelMax™ to 1000 litres of Petrol                          

1 litre of FuelMax™ to 800 litres of Diesel 

1 litre of FuelMax™ to 600 litres of Light Fuel Oil                        

1 litre of FuelMax™ to 400 litres of Heavy Fuel Oil

Appearance:                 Light Clear Yellow
Boiling Point:                 Over 320°C at 760mm HG Pressure
Vapour Pressure:       Less than 1mm HG at 72°C
Specific Gravity:         0.9091 at 15°C
Solubility in water:    Negligible at room temperature
Flash Point:                    > 230°C
Pour Point:                      Minus 30°C
Flammability:              Non Flammable
pH Value:                        7

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