Due to the recent worldwide COVID-19 (corona-virus) pandemic, we at GFF Canada are helping defeat COVID-19 by supplying our Hypochlorous Acid AquoMax™  which has been proven to kill COVID-19. We are a manufacturer of bio additives and chemical free detergents with distributions in over 64 countries worldwide, and due to these reasons and set up, we are able to supply our very own products range.


  • We have been granted a 2-year licence to produce the CPAP Ventura Breathing Aid recently developed by Mercedes Benz Formula One and UCL/UCLH which we are working on.

  • MDEL Licence (Medical Device Equipment Licence) by Health Canada.

  • Export Approval from UK for supply of our AquoMax™ Hypochlorous Acid within UK, within EU and  outside EU countries.

  • EPA Approval  in USA to supply our Hypochlorous Acid within the USA.


Due to our distinct set up and strategic partnerships in the supply chain and delivery, we can offer a seamless and much needed supply to deal with COVID-19.

Contact us now on info@gffcanada for more information 

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Hypochlorous Acid

Covid 19

Proven To Kill COVID-19