Due to the recent worldwide COVID 19 (corona-virus) pandemic, we at GFF Canada are filling the demand gap on a temporary basis until such time the virus is under control and life in general returns to normal, by supplying PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). We are a manufacturer of bio additives and chemical free detergents with distributions in over 64 countries worldwide, and due to these reasons and set up, we have been able to secure PPE supply relations directly with manufacturers where required, for products we do not ourselves produce.


We have been granted a 2-year licence to produce the CPAP Ventura Breathing Aid recently developed by Mercedes Benz Formula One and UCL/UCLH which we are working on, MDEL Licence by Health Canada, Export Approval from UK for supply of PPE to outside EU countries which must also be submitted on each shipment as is on a case by case basis, and contracts with Manufacturers in Europe and the Far East on an Approved Supply basis, meaning we have direct supply quantities with no middle parties involved. Due to our distinct set up and strategic partnerships in the supply chain and delivery, we can offer a seamless and much needed supply of PPE.


We currently have PPE stock sitting in our hubs ready for immediate dispatch and can supply the following:


Disposable Surgical Masks Type IIR (Sterile), Type II (Non Sterile) CE, FDA compliant (BFE ≥ 98% – 99.7%)


COVID 19 Test Kits for Hospital and Personal Use (Results in 15 minutes) CE Compliant


AquoMax™ Sanitizer and Detergent (Kills 99.999% of Bacteria, Germs and Viruses including COVID 19)


Gloves (Nitrile and Vinyl) CE, FDA compliant (Subject to availability)


Handheld and Mobile Sanitizing/Disinfecting Fogging and Spray Machines

Contact us now on info@gffcanada for more information including prices, production/supply quota and daily stock list

Face Masks


Test Kits

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