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   100% Non Chemical​  100% Non Flammable  100% Non Hazardous



RonMax™ is a green technology Octane Enhancer that increases octane rating/number of low quality fuels. All unstable low grade fuel will auto-ignite before the spark and this pre-ignition causes the engine to knock and loses power which will eventually causes engine damage.


RonMax™ can raise octane rating  by up to 50 points or 5 numbers and is also capable of removing deposits from fuel injectors and fuel lines.


RonMax™ also acts as a fuel enhancing agent that optimizes fuel quality and then stabilizes and protects the fuel from deterioration which will give better mileage and performance.


Octane boosters/enhancers are popular in the performance scene because they often regain power lost through detonation. Sold in a handy bottle, they're a convenient fuel additive and horsepower helper. But with so many brands on the market, you may be fooled into thinking they're all as effective as each other; which they're not! Differing chemical compounds, additives and even volumes, mixed in with a good percentage of advertising, 'independent' testing and testimonials all conspire to confuse the consumer away from the single most important point: does it improve the octane rating?


RonMax™ can raise octane rating by up to 50 points or 5 numbers.


The significance of detonation is such that many companies produce fuel additives designed to increase the inherent octane rating of a given fuel. The proliferation of octane boosters has in part come about in recent times thanks to low quality fuels. While some 'Super' leaded fuel has been reduced from 98 to 95-96 octane, Premium Unleaded has also dropped to a minimum of 95 octane. And this presents a problem for high-performance cars designed to run on higher octane European or 100 octane Japanese fuel. Japanese import performance cars, for example, run an ECU programmed for 100 octane, but sometimes detonates on PULP.

All engines are different though with some running a high 11.0:1 compression ratio, it relies on advanced engine management as much as quality fuel. But it can sustain its power on PULP.

And of course any turbo owner who has experimented with boost will know if you run too much, it will detonate, so improving the octane is vital for maximum performance.

Unless an engine is detonating through low RON fuel, octane boosters have little use. However, in a turbo or high compression application, the inclusion of a better grade of fuel allows the engine management system to optimize ignition timing and fuelling.


High quality octane boosters can deliver the octane numbers they claim, however there are also a lot of products on the market which don't deliver anywhere near their claims. A lot of products also advertise their octane gain in points, which are often 0.1RON, so where you think you're getting a 3.0RON increase you're only getting 0.3RON

The most common question about bottled octane boosters is how such a small dose can raise the octane of fuel by such a significant amount. The answer to this lies in the active ingredients. These octane boosters use anti-knock additives which, when added to the fuel, prevent the onset of knock (detonation or pre-ignition). By preventing the knock, the effective octane of the fuel is raised. Although there are many anti-knock additives, our RonMax™ is 100% chemical free, 100% non hazardous, 100% non toxic, 100% environment friendly, fully biodegradable and just as good as or better than the chemical based octane boosters.


RonMax™ is completely chemical free, and contains no:

MMT (Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl)  

TEL (Tetra-ethyl lead) 
Aromatic Alcohols

The dosage ratio of RonMax™ is:


1: 250 (For RON 91 and below)

1: 500 (For RON 92 and above)

Appearance:               Green
Boiling Point:                Over 320°C at 760mm HG Pressure
Vapour Pressure:      Less than 1mm HG at 72°C
Specific Gravity:        0.9091 at 15°C
Solubility in water:    Negligible at room temperature
Flash Point:                    > 230°C
Pour Point:                     Minus 30°C
Flammability:              Non Flammable
pH Value:                        7

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