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    'possibly the best chemical free fuel additives in the world'






GFF Canada is a specialist non chemical bio additive production company using our Proprietary Advanced Molecular Spacing Technology currently working at the cutting edge of development producing possibly the best chemical free additives in the world.


Our technologies enable you to achieve more, using less and are recognized for their ability to improve efficiency, deliver outstanding class leading performance and enhance environmental safety. We produce some simple, yet highly effective chemical free additives which cannot be matched. Our additives outperform ALL the competition both in quality and results. A simple appreciation of making green ecological & environmental choices will keep our planet healthy and functional. ​


We are a world pioneer in the formulation, manufacturing, production and marketing of chemical free bio additives. We draw on a rich heritage that is underpinned by vigorous research and development activities. To achieve green development, new mechanisms are required to promote innovation and technology diffusion.​ Our products are non chemical, non flammable, non hazardous, non toxic, fully sustainable, fully biodegradable as we only use non edible vegetable esthers.


We take our environmental responsibility seriously. We constantly look to innovate to make our processes more efficient. Our zero chemical commitment is taken on both an environmental and ethical basis - we only produce chemical free additives and detergents, and believe that it is our social responsibility to deliver this service. ​Using the latest technology and processes we are able to produce biodegradable additives and detergents using our Proprietary Advanced Molecular Spacing Technology, which produces more efficient, cleaner and greener products. The process we employ is recognized by scientists and environmental groups as a sustainable way of dealing with fossil fuels and chemical detergents.


Our products reduce greenhouse gas emissions as part of their mechanism when mixed with fuels and give numerous benefits to client and environment. We are committed to sustainability and extend this across all our product range at all levels. We want our sustainability, knowledge and expertise to have impact globally as well as benefiting local communities.



GFF Canada is dedicated to increasing the performance and efficiency of fuels while reducing environmental impact. We achieve this by being active across the entire energy value chain. Following a series of global partnerships and organic growth, we aim to become the best independent bio additive producer in the world. We establish strategic distributor combinations to explore solutions in global geographies and aim to focus on these technologies where our asset base is balanced between our bio additive business and emerging and established markets. 


Our company has a clear vision and objective. We do not aim to be among the biggest in the field - but we certainly wish to be among the best in the field delivering our products in the fields we serve best. You the client.

 100% Non Chemical - 100% Non Flammable - 100% Non Hazardous


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