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Due to increased uncertainty and global demands, our commodity trade division is back.


Despite having a hiatus for a number of years because of our green fuel additive expansions, we have been asked by consumers to supply certain commodities again.


We understand the commodity business from trading floor to board room. Wherever in the world commodities are traded, sold, shipped, stored and financed, we can assist.


We can supply sugar, soybean, urea, lithium, rice, wheat, coffee, frozen beef, chicken, gold and other commodities direct from suppliers due to our relationships in over 100 countries, funding investments and our own vested interests in the commodity.

With a global reach across more than 100 countries on six continents, we are a one-stop-shop for traders, marketers, transporters, financiers, and producers. Our clients include some of the largest and most active commodity players in the world, who are innovating and shaping the sector, to the smaller and medium sized buyers.


Please contact us for further information regarding availability, prices, procedures and protocols.

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