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  100% Non Chemical​  100% Non Flammable  100% Non Hazardous



CoalMax™ is a very rare product and we are one of the only companies worldwide that produce a liquid bio-additive specifically made to increase the calorific value of coal and reduce the CO2, SO2 emissions and vanadium content in the coal.


CoalMax™ additive will:


Increase the gross calorific value of coal by up to 55%


Reduce moisture by 70% or more


Reduce emissions by up to 90% at source


Reduce sulphur by 30% or more


Reduce ash


Increase volatile matter by up to 55%


Reduce fixed carbon by 20% or more


Reduce chlorine by up to 80% or more


Reduce vanadium by up to 70%


Reduce evolution of black smoke, reduce dust from power plants and help burn coal slower and hotter ​


Over 16 benefits with single application

Globally, large scale coal users are demanding technologies that offer fuel flexibility to meet their operational goals. In many emerging power markets, the emphasis is on generating low cost power from solid fuels. As a result, power producers are increasingly looking to maximise the use of low cost opportunity coal, locally mined fuels, low rank lignite and the like, which are easily available at significantly lower prices. In developed markets, the emphasis is on emission reductions and increasing demand side efficiency causing power producers to increasingly harness carbon neutral fuels like biomass in their fuel mix. Whether the overriding objective is coal efficiency, coal cost reduction or lowering air emissions such as NOx, SO2, Hg, PM or CO2, CoalMax™ offers the best technology to help meet those operational goals.

With its innovative Proprietary Advanced Molecular Spacing Technology, CoalMax™ offers the best and most cost effective solution to convert coal into green coal, reduce emissions and improve efficiency.

CoalMax™ acts as a natural biodegradable agent of molecule spacing and creates a micro explosion that breaks coal into finer particles before being burned and this slows down coal consumption.


In order to maintain a plant’s electricity production, coal is constantly locally transported, exported or stored. The distance travelled and storage affects the calorific value of the coal. By using CoalMax™, we are able to increase the calorific value of coal. Although the desired grade of coals are purchased as feed-stock for the power plant, not all coal’s calorific value are the same to maintain constant burning flame. ​


For example, CoalMax™ will help to bring up coal with low calorific value to minimum value of 5200 kcal/kg or more so that combustion is stabilized throughout the power generation. On higher grade coals we can increase the calorific values by up to 55% and more. Regardless of the calorific value of coal, we can always increase it further thus giving more heat, slower burning process and more power production. ​


CoalMax™ has a hydrating agent to desiccate the coal which will in return cut down the condensation of water vapour produced during combustion process. This gives a better useful heating value for the plant.


With the use of CoalMax™, we would certainly help to reduce the toxicity of coal and reduce the level of sulphur as well as vanadium in coal. It can also minimise the coal dust (which is readily inhaled into the lungs that causes lung cancer) because of the viscosity of the natural plant oil. It will trap the coal dust. 


We have also recently upgraded the formulation of CoalMax™ which makes it even more competitive and truly pioneering. Our CoalMax™ is now one of the most, if not the most cost effective coal enhancer and coal emissions reducer in the world. 


Metal particulates in CoalMax™ are very low:


Sodium < 1 ppm

Cadium < 0.1ppm

Mercury < 0.1ppm

Chromium < 0.1ppm

Lead < 0.1ppm ​


Total Sulphur 0.039% wt.   ​


CoalMax™ will be able to reduce sulphur & vanadium levels and minimise the toxicity of coal both to human as well as the environment.​ ​


Coal treatment technologies use additives to alter the coal’s combustion characteristics. These technologies generally use latex, metallic or mineral reagents or sorbents to change the way the coal burns. These technologies can capture sulphur and Hg in solid byproducts from the generating process rather than allowing them to be emitted in power plant exhaust gases. In addition, combustion efficiency improvements result in lower NOX and CO2 emissions per kilowatt hour generated.​


Benefits of using engineered coal fuels technologies in recent studies conducted by EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) and CURC (Coal Utilization Research Council) indicate that for each 1% increase in combustion efficiency there is a 2.5% reduction in CO2 emissions from power plants. By applying these technologies other emissions can also be reduced. Depending on the specific technology employed and the coal being used, emissions of mercury can be reduced from 15-90%; nitrogen oxides (NOX) can be reduced from 10-50%, and sulphur dioxide (SO2) can be reduced 10-80%. ​


When improvements in efficiency and reductions in emissions from engineered coal fuels technologies are combined with other clean coal technologies (combustion and post-combustion), the environmental and cost benefits are manifold. Engineered coal fuels technologies represent an excellent opportunity to use coal – our most abundant/secure and affordable energy resource – in an environmentally sound manner. By applying these technologies along with combustion and post-combustion stage technologies our coal use will help to power us well into the future. This is where CoalMax™ comes into play.


What is CoalMax™?


CoalMax™ is made from non edible vegetable esthers and extract elements of triglycerides with no chemical ingredients. All natural, sustainable, biodegradable and environment friendly.   ​


Non Hazardous.

Non Volatile.  

Non Flammable.  

Non Petrochemical.​

Non Toxic.

Non Chemical.


What will CoalMax™ do? 


  1. Will increase the calorific value of coal by up to 55% or more

  2. Will increase volatile matter in coal by up to 55%

  3. Will change the molecular structure of the coal

  4. Will help burn coal slower and hotter

  5. Will enhance power plant burning efficiency

  6. Will reduce evolution of black smoke

  7. Will reduce dust from power plant

  8. Will reduce emissions by up to 90% at source

  9. Will reduce the vanadium by up to 70%

  10. Will reduce the sulphur by up to 30% or more

  11. Will reduce moisture by up to 70% or more

  12. Will reduce ash content in coal

  13. Will reduce fixed carbon by 20% or more

  14. Will reduce chlorine by up to 80% or more

  15. Is 100% non hazardous

  16. Is 100% non flammable

  17. Is 100% chemical free

  18. Is made from non-edible vegetable extract

  19. Is fully sustainable and biodegradable

  20. Over 16 benefits with single application


Our highly skilled technical team have developed our specialty products that subsequently have been added to the company’s expanding product line. CoalMax™ is the most technologically advanced bio-coal additive on the market today and is by far superior to anything close. We do not judge by quantity and numbers, we judge by quality and results.


We are one of the leading coal additive companies in terms of product superiority because our additive is such a versatile product that it can give fuel economy, cleaner emissions, smoother combustion, increased calorific value, more heat and slower burning process thus increased performance for power production. No other bio-coal additive can give a double digit % savings and efficiency ratio.

Appearance:                 White Slurry
Boiling Point:                 Over 320°C at 760mm HG Pressure
Vapour Pressure:       Less than 1mm HG at 72°C
Specific Gravity:         0.9091 at 15°C
Density:                            0.90g/ml
Solubility in water:    Negligible at room temperature
Flash Point:                    Over 230°C
Pour Point:                      Minus 30°C
Flammability:              Non Flammable
Ash Point:                       0.0006%  


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