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 100% Non Chemical​  100% Non Flammable  100% Non Hazardous



HibMax™ Bio Corrosion Inhibitor is a new generation of oil soluble designer green inhibitors that decreases and reduces corrosive attack and reaction on metal parts and surfaces.  

HibMax's™ ability to retard and inhibit corrosion is due to its composition and size of its molecules, its aromatic chain length as well as its strength and ability of bonding. It is still amazing that the anti-corrosion efficiency of green corrosion inhibitors are equal to or even more effective than synthetic inhibitors and more cost effective.

When applied, HibMax™ quickly forms a barrier of several molecular films and layers to protect against acid attack and corrosion. Corrosion inhibitors are applied either at the refinery pumping station, terminal or part of a multi-functional additive package and the average treat rate are between 5-100mg/l.


Our Hibmax™ mixing ratio is between 1, 3 and 5mg/l due to its Advanced Molecular Spacing Technology™. 

HibMax™ offers the following benefits:

•    Ease of application
•    Cost effectiveness 
•    Environmentally safe to handle
•    Has a neutral potential hydrogen (pH) value
•    Highly soluble  
•    Simple dosage
•    Extremely stable nature in acidic or alkaline environment
•    Made from non edible vegetable extract
•    Fully sustainable and biodegradable
•    Non Chemical
•    Non Hazardous
•    Non Toxic

The danger and impact of corrosion is a serious and expensive matter which would result in economic and financial losses. The use of chemically synthesize corrosion inhibitors have also contributed to the surge in environmental toxicity levels and this has led to the search for less hazardous green corrosion inhibitors.

Corrosion inhibitors can be divided into two broad categories, namely, those that enhance the formation of a protective oxide film through an oxidizing effect and those that inhibit corrosion by selectively adsorbing on the metal surface and creating a barrier that prevents access of corrosive agents to the metal surface. Inhibition efficiency depends on temperature and concentration of inhibitor. 

Almost all organic molecules containing heteroatoms such as nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorous, and oxygen show significant inhibition efficiency. Despite these promising findings about possible corrosion inhibitors, most of these substances are not only expensive but also toxic and non biodegradable thus causing pollution problems. Hence, these deficiencies have prompted the search for their replacement.

Plants are sources of naturally occurring compounds, some with complex molecular structures and having different chemical, biological, and physical properties.  Green corrosion inhibitors are biodegradable, environmentally and ecologically acceptable and they do not have any presence of heavy metals or any harmful materials. They are derived from plant extracts which are easily and widely available, inexpensive and renewable. 

Plant extracts contain many organic compounds, having polar atoms such as O, P, S, and N. These are adsorbed on the metal surface by these polar atoms, and protective films are formed, and various adsorption isotherms are obeyed. These advantages are the reason for use of extracts of plants and their products as corrosion inhibitors for metals and alloys under different environment.

Appearance:         Yellowish Liquid
Bulk Density:          0.90 Kg/m3
Fire Point:                 320°C
Flash Point:             236°C
Pour Point:              Minus 30°C
Flammability:       Non Flammable, Non Combustible
pH Value:                 7


Metals Analysis, ppm:
Sodium:                  <1
Cadmium:            <0.1
Mercury:                <0.1
Chromium:          <0.1
Lead:                        <0.1

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